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What’s New on Glade?

The New Glade Platform

Hey there!

If you have been riding with us for the longest or you are very new to Glade (the best on the block), you are welcome to a new dispensation. 

There is a new face to us. Permit us to walk you through it all, whatever gets you ready for the best news ever, grab it and start munching.

After a couple of months of carefully selecting the best ways we could serve you, we have finally come through with a faster, easier, and more valuable smooth experience by upgrading our dashboard, mobile app, and website just for you.

It is not just about an aesthetic makeover. It is about everything that will bring support to your business to flourish, either as a micro, small, or medium business owner. We have also made it easier to understand the features through quick-read-based content.

Open a bank account for yourself in less than 5 minutes:  In this time and age, who has time for papers and queues or long processes. Our 5 minutes promise has not changed. We will get you started with your business bank account as fast as possible!

Accept and make payment with ease:  From Nigeria to other countries, there is nothing like complicated and slow transactions over here.  You can make transfers via your Glade account to other Glade bank accounts for free. You can transfer or receive payment on your Glade account to another local bank account in Nigeria. The sweetest part, you can transfer funds from your Glade account to an international bank account – here is the easiest way to buy your inventories with no bank stress. 

Smooth Invoicing: Why jump from one app to another, when you can easily share invoices with your customers and clients. What do you need a pen, a book and a calculator for? You can not afford to lose a customer over some time-wasting tools. Glade offers you effective invoicing tools to make your transactions quick. Once you have created an invoice, an email is sent to your customer with all the payment details, and also with a payment link for fast and easy payment.

Business loans & Overdraft: It is commendable that you are striving to make your business work just fine. But what is better than a hard effort? Smart effort! Glade is always ready to support you every step of the way, money inclusive. We support businesses with working capital, allowing you to easily access loans for your business with a flexible repayment plan.

Effective Payroll Tools: We understand that you want to be a good boss to your employees, one of the ways to achieve this is to pay at the right time as you have promised them. Glade offers an effective payroll system that allows you to automate and pay your employees or even pay yourself, as you have earned it!

POS Terminals: This is the best gift you can offer your business if you have a physical store. Fake transfers can not even move near you. You can request POS terminals for fast and easy in-store payment transactions, however, terminals can also be assigned to you without request, in cases where you have signed up solely to use our POS system. Just reach out to us.

When all of these are working in line with your business, there is nothing that can stop your business from growing.

When we say growing your business and finance in one place with Glade becomes easier, we mean it.

We have a lot coming up just for your business…

Tell us, which of these features you can’t wait to lay your hands-on, and if you think there are other ways we can serve you better, feel free to write us at