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What you Need to Know before you Take Your Business Online.

Online Purchasing

It is no news that these days, we have almost everyone selling any and everything online, and with over 4.7 billion people active on the internet, it is no wonder why a lot of businesses are migrating to the digital world.

Whether you are joining the number of businesses online because you want to put a few bucks in your pocket or you are tired of the 9 – 5 circle of having a full-time job, for whatever reason, there are some key things you would need to know and put in place right before you embark on the business of selling online.

Tip no 1; Money may not start flowing like flood in the early months.

Once you are sure that selling online is right for you, the next thing is to set realistic goals about your business, many get so excited about starting their own business that they set unrealistic goals and get very frustrated when things don’t go the way they thought it would.
Realistically, it may take you about 3 – 6 months to start seeing consistent results. The chances of you accumulating over hundreds of thousands on your first day is very unlikely.

So what can do in the early months is to work on building a great brand, a good reputation, and optimize your processes for your business. You will be proud when the returns eventually start rolling in.

Tip no 2; Find and concentrate on your Niche.

Finding your niche is very important and equivalent to how happy and fulfilled you are going to be so think about what you love to do, is it baking, cooking, hairdressing, customizing and branding, etc. 

You can also research to see what is in high demand and short supply.

Now that you know what you are passionate about and want to sell or provide, stay on your niche and build an empire with it, if you spread yourself out too thin, you may lose focus and value. We don’t want that!

Tip no 3; Which Platform is Suitable for your Business?

Now that you know what you want to sell or the kind of service you want to render, the next thing on your list should be the platform that will be suitable for your business.

If you are not so sure about this answer, you can do some research, go online and find people that already do what you want to do, you would find hundreds of businesses like us, take some time to study and understand where the platform they get more traffic. If you have a friend or family that has been doing business online, you can ask them some questions. Check online (Google) you would find enough information to know what’s best for your business.

If you sell things like bags, shoes, make-up, hair, clothes, electronics, etc. You can consider an e-commerce store like our Glade Store, you don’t even need a website to get things up and running, and the most important part is that you can set up your store for FREE!!! CLICK HERE to begin.

Tip no 4; You Need a Business Name!

Getting the right name for your business is very important for any business, this is the name your business will project.

It is as important as finding your niche because this is the name your potential customers are going to find you with, this is the name they are not going to forget or will always remember whether or not they were pleased with your product or service, and this is the name that you as the business owner will bear alongside the business.
Once you have succeeded in coming up with a good name for your business;

The next step is to register it, own your business name, and the best way to do this is to register the business name.

Tip no 5; Open a Business Account for your Business.

You do not want to mix business with personal! 

It is crucial that you separate your business inflows and outflows from your personal inflows and outflows and this is why you need a business account specially for your business especially if want the business to grow, this will allow you to keep track and monitor transactions, then you can tell if the business is growing or not and only then will you be able to make good decisions for your business. Read More…

With Gladebanking, you can open a business bank account for free in minutes. CLICK ME to begin!

Tip no 6; I have everything in place, where do I go from here?

It is safe to say that you are ready to put that business online. But it is important to never stop learning, keep improving yourself, look for better ways to do what you do so that you are always keeping up or staying ahead of your competitors. 

This is what will make you STAND OUT!!

We hope this was helpful, do come back for more like this. If you want to know the kind of businesses you can venture into with little or no capital, CLICK ME…

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