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What is an API? Importance of API and how you can use it. Glade API

Glade API

We were recently having an incredible conversation with a thoughtful customer when the conversation led to discussing Glade API and the next reaction we got from this customer was “what in God’s name is that?” We all had a good laugh at his exclamation and went ahead to educate him on what an API is; its importance and its usefulness to a business owner.

Fact is, most people have also never heard of API, much less what it means and how it works. They think it is some cool stuff meant for the tech-savvy people. Or some bold text out of space.

API is a powerful technology tool with the ability to do great and mighty things.

It would surprise you to know that, every time you log into your social media account or put in your details to shop an item on Amazon, Jumia, or your favorite shopping site you are using an API. People use API every time and they don’t even know it.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, API is a translator. It is what receives, translates, and responds to your request on a browser.

For example, any action you take with your phone to check a football score or send a message, or order food online uses an API to access that information at your request.

Glade API is an open application programming interface that allows two applications to communicate with one another to access data.

Our API has you covered. Anything you could want to do with your project,
you can do it with our RESTful open API. Accounts Creation, Fund Transfer, Payment Services, Card Issuing Service, Airtime & Bills and Verification Services.

The Importance of Glade API for business

1. Glade API enables companies to grow their business faster. They support sales and marketing objectives.

2. Glade API stimulates innovation. API has reduced the barrier of transformation. Now more businesses can be successful with contributions and interactions from API users.

3. Glade API makes Monetization seamless. Businesses can now sell more and offer more value by integrating APIs into their system.

4. Glade API has transformed traditional payment services into modern payment solutions. Now integrating our API means embracing digital payment methods, online sales, less time-consuming business financial solutions for your business

5. Glade API helps you customize your customer needs and assist them to use your services by integrating our API into your system.

How to use an API

APIs communicate through keys or rules that interpret how machines and computers talk to each other. As an intermediary between applications, it requires documentation to help structure it for your system.

Most APIs like Glade API are easy to use as it has an existing documentation that you can simply follow to build your URL and integrate the data to your browser.

You can customize these data into your application to suit your customer’s unique needs.

Through API banking, any startup can make their on-boarding and verification process scalable, simple, and automated through a re-imagined digital experience. They’ll be able to instantly verify account ownership to get the user’s account information straight from their banks. Customers will be able to provide all necessary information in a few clicks.

In conclusion, APIs offer startups and businesses the opportunity to scale up, increase revenue, promote innovation and reach a global audience.

Integrating the Glade API determines a successful connection with external end-users, devices, and web applications.

This is why, regardless of whether you run a small, medium business, it may be time to explore APIs and what they can do for your business. Glade API is the surest way to go. It is free and open to use by anyone and it is made for developers and innovators like you to build amazing ideas.

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