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Spend after saving- Here’s how

Its salary week and we have already spent 70% of it in our heads, most times without a proper savings plan. We’ve thought about the clothes, bone straight and suya we will buy and wonder why we do not have enough mid way through the month. Well thats’s why we are here today! To save you from impending brokenness using Glade’s Stash Funds 

Why this?

Not your regular piggy bank savings plan, our Stash Funds feature is freely available to all our app users who have a desire to save more money. It allows you to automatically or manually save what amount you want when you want to save by deducting the funds from your account. It stays stashed away for as long as you need it to. That way you don’t have to worry about spending it. 

How it works

Start off by downloading the Glade app and signing into your account. Go to stash funds on the dashboard/homepage and click new stash. When that’s done, fill the form with all important details including the amount you want to stash. The best part about this is you can choose between manual and automatic features for deductions. After setting a date when you want those deductions, clicking  creates a stash and you’re good to go!