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Something Good is Coming!

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A sneak peek on what we have going on at Glade.

Our Team is working round the clock to make sure that we give you an amazing experience whether you are using the App, the website or you are on the Glade Store.

What we have going on;

  • We are currently making some changes to the website to make it easier for you to understand and navigate.
  • We know our iPhone users are waiting patiently for the App to be up and running on iOS, here’s the good news, we will be available on IOS very soon so watch out! You can follow us on our Instagram handle @Gladebanking and Twitter handle @Gladebanking to stay ontop of the news.
  • Also, watch out for the new feel of our Glade Store, we can bet you are going to want to start selling something if you haven’t already!

Opening a Business Current Account with Glade Banking helped Lade!

Lade is a small business owner who makes and delivers fashionable outfits to her numerous clients. She also owns a cosmetic shop where she sells all kinds of latest brands her clients desire. 

The only challenge she encounters on a daily basis is that she struggles to run both businesses side by side. Also she’s been looking to run her businesses from anywhere in the world.
She got to know about GladeBanking that not only allows you to run your business from home or anywhere you please, but also allows you to create multiple business accounts for your different businesses, keep track of what’s happening with your transactions and run reports against your transaction on the go. 

She found that she could also manage vendors and their payments, manage employee schedules and payroll, and calculate business tax and payments.

Now Lade runs her cosmetics and clothing businesses  from her laptop and phone without worrying about overlapping business accounts as she travels the world.

A Search for the Glade(i)ator of the Month!

The search for the Gladiator of the month is ongoing, to be eligible, you have to be an active Glade Merchant, you must be following us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), like and comment regularly on our post.

Our Gladiator of the month will be entitled to a feature on our social media platform to help create awareness for your business.

If you want to be featured on our platform as the Gladiator of the month, send us a DM with your photo and we will get back to you if you are eligible.

Have you used the Payment Link feature?

The payment link feature allows you to digitize payments whether you want your customers to pay for an item or you want guests to pay for a virtual event’s ticket online. 

You can create and send a payment link to your clients, friends, or business partners and receive funds in real-time to your Glade Account with no delays.

You can also set up multiple payment pages for the event attendees to purchase the ticket online and have fun with you.

Want to try this? 

Download the Glade bank app on Google Playstore by clicking this link Glade Mobile App or visit to get started

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