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SO FAR SO GOOD (June in Review)!


Hey people! Happy New Month!

Happy New Month Image from GladePay

We have gotten to the second half of the year 2019. Time does fly. How have these past few months been for you and your business? We are sure the services and infrastructures GladePay offered to you these past few months have help you business. Guess what??? We just started!!!

Let’s take a highlight of the year from January down to June, shall we?


The GladePay SERv is an API service that enables entrepreneurs to integrate to their website, mobile app or internet application and provide payment and digital services to customers seamless; Money Transfer, Airtime Purchase, TV Subscriptions, Electricity Token, Ticketing, Donations, Insurance. This API is FREE, the bomb right.


Representation of GladePay Serv.

This service enables individual or shop owners to provide banking services in their community. All you need to do is sign up on GladePay and you can start providing financial services; fund transfer, fund withdrawal, airtime, bills payment  etc. within your locality via the web, APP, POS, Mobile phone, USSD etc.


GladePay White Label ChatBot

GladePay WhiteLabel ChatBot was introduced and is up and running. This is an intelligent ChatBot that helps organizations to automate business operations, create value and provide smooth customers experience through messaging via social media platforms.


Here at GladePay, we love you our partners and we are focused on making things easier for your business operation to be smooth, which is why the GladePay Live Chat has been made available for you. Now you can get to chat with a GladePay Customer Care Representative. You have an issue or you just want to make an inquiry? Just visit the website and click on the icon at the bottom end of the homepage, and you will have someone to attend to your need.

GladePay added features to the existing e-invoicing system to provide more convenience for businesses and clients. The layout has been redesigned to provide a smooth experience.

* Add multiple invoice items.

* Add item or product quantity.

* We added single and bulk invoice options.

* Choose to pass the transaction fee to your clients.

* You can now receive instant payment from the invoice.

Also, you can now choose to send invoice to your customers/clients either and get paid in Naira or in USD Dollar.

GladePay has introduced a newer method of making payments. GladePay prides itself in its ability to make payments as seamless as possible which is why it offers a wide range of payments/checkout options; Card, USSD, mobile, QR Pay, Cash Code.

In addition to all these payment options, payment using your phone number has been added. You can now accept payments from your customers via their phone number.

GladePay has developed White-Label services that drives financial inclusion and enables businesses and entrepreneurs to offer digital financial services (Fund Transfer, Savings and Investments, Lending Services, Thrifts & Credits and Cooperatives Services) to the underserved and unserved consumers from their platform (website or mobile app) These templates help build faster and save time and cost.


Another exciting update is that you can now receive payments in other currencies (USD). With this, your customers across the world who wants to make payment to you and does not own a Naira account can make payments via a USD ($). If your customer pays you via USD, it goes to your dollar bank account if you have one, and if you don’t, the dollar is converted to Naira and paid into your bank account.


A new interface has been designed for your QuickCommerce store and it is absolutely easier and faster for people to navigate.

 GladePay did not just stop there. Shipping/delivery feature has been added to GladePay QuickCommerce. Now your customers can make payments for delivery on the product purchased during checkout. The shipping feature can be personalized by you based on location. Also, your customers can choose between picking the goods bought from your physical shop or have you deliver it to the location of their choice.


Over the months, there have been a lot of updates and additions on the GladePay Dashboard;

New and amazing features have been added to the dashboard within the past few months. Changes were made on the UI/UX to make your dashboard more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Also, from your GladePay’s dashboard, you can now add and manage multiple businesses (sub-businesses)

Your business insight is not left out as well. You could just access your business insight monthly, but with the latest update made, you can now check your business insight for the previous week, month or year. This will enable you to follow-up on the growth your business has had in the previous week, month and year and to also see past transactions made.

A new addition to the GladePay dashboard is the ‘Airtime and Bills Payment section. Now you can see and monitor all your transactions that involve airtime and bills payments.

Another wonder feature added to the dashboard is ‘Loan’. This is mostly for merchants making use of the financial services API. You can now monitor the requests of loan from your GladePay’s dashboard and from there, you can choose either to approve or decline.

Now let us look specifically at the updates for the month of June 2019.


GladePay Checkout Snippet is a small portion of code (to copy and paste on your website) for you to securely accept payment online. It is as simple as including a button with necessary options/attributes to suit your needs. Click on this link to get full details on the Checkout snippet and how it works.


GladePay brings to you the Smart Checkout. This is aimed at speeding your payment process. It automatically saves the details of your card, so if per eventually your payment fails, you don’t need to go through the stress of imputing your details again if you want to retry with that same card. Also if a payment fails, it immediately brings to you a list of other payment option to try. YES!  It really is amazing.


Making payments using USSD on GladePay checkout has been made easier and a number of banks has been added. The costumer selects USSD at checkout and GladePay provides a list of banks.

A code is automatically generated once you select a bank. You simply dial the generated code and make payments. This quick code can only be used once and it expires immediately the transaction is completed. It also expires five minutes after the code is generated and no transaction is made, so this is as secure as it can be


There have been some upgrades for the white-label for financial services;

● Added list of Savings Transaction

● Added Client List and Details for Financial Services

● Added Savings Details

● Added Thrifts & Subscriptions for financial services


● Added Features to the preferences (i.e you can now choose which GladePay features you want to be enabled on your dashboard)

●Formatted dates on each of the pages to show human readable dates (i.e. on each transaction, dates are more human readable and in full details e.g. instead of having 2 minutes ago, you now have Tuesday, 18th June 2019 3:44PM)

●Added contact of customers to transactions (i.e on each transaction, there is a new link to contact your customer through email, maybe for checking up on them or for any other reasons, you know what to do

The next half of the year promises to bring to you more exciting services for your business. Don’t forget to stay tuned to GladePay’s blog too get the latest updates.

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