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Quick Loans for small businesses without collateral. Glade loans and overdrafts

Quick loans for small businesses

Accessing quick loans for small businesses as a business owner without collateral to kick your business off the ground can be frustrating.

Mr. Paul shed hot tears that faithful rainy day after leaving the bank. When we asked him why he cried he simply said it wasn’t tears, it was the raindrops. But we knew otherwise, it was because a bank he had been banking with his entire life rejected offering him a loan to start his business.

When did acquiring a loan by a trusted and long time customer become so difficult? Definitely not today as this is the story of almost every business owner in the nation. 

Yes, it is heart-wrenching. But as sad as this sounds, this is the reality of what business owners like you face every day. Either they have been rejected loans to start their business or to expand their business, or they have been demanded to bring collateral in exchange for a small business loan.

Accessing quick loans for small businesses can also be tough without collateral. Most times without a landed property worth millions, house ownership documents, or even a car worth a great deal, business owners cannot get a quick loan for their business.

Even students, who need loans to complete school fees or get expensive books and course works cannot also get loans to assist themselves.

Should we also forget salary earners who need money to handle certain emergencies and can’t get their hands on quick loans.

These stories can go on forever because there are not a lot of options for getting quick loans for small businesses.

But the good news is, Glade loan and overdraft was built to make access to quick loans for small businesses easy and swift. It doesn’t require filing a paper, it doesn’t entail searching endlessly for unachievable collateral, it doesn’t involve begging in shame. All it takes is a single click.

How to obtain quick loans for small businesses with Glade loans and overdrafts.

You can access a loan to scale up your business by simply following these steps.

1. Download the Glade app on IOS or play store or visit

2. Create a free business account instantly.

3. Click on “Loan” in the dashboard

4. Click “Select type”

5. Input “Amount”

6. Share your reason for the loan

7. Click “Next” and input Guarantor’s name, phone no, email, and address

8. Click “Request loan” The loan request would be created successfully. And in less than 24hours your request would be contacted.

If you are a small business owner in need of a modern business banking and loan to grow your business.

Open a business account with Glade and follow the steps highlighted above to access quick loans without collateral and borderless banking built for SMBs in Africa.

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