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Did you know that USSD is one of the best methods for making payments online?

USSD is often referred to as Quick Codes. This is a fast and simple way of making online payments and it can be used on any phone by anybody by simply dialing the specific USSD code.

Why should I pay using USSD?

  • This should be the most convenient and fastest way of making payments. It helps saves the time one would initially spend in imputing their card or bank account details
  • The wonderful thing about making payments via USSD is the fact that you don’t necessarily need a smartphone to process the payments.

The best part is,

Making payments using USSD on GladePay checkout has been made easier and a number of banks have been added. The customer selects USSD at checkout and GladePay provides a list of banks.
Once one of the banks is selected, a code is automatically generated. You simply dial the generated code and make payments. This quick code can only be used once and it expires immediately the transaction is completed. It also expires five minutes after the code is generated and no transaction is made, so this is as secure as it can be.

What are you waiting for? Integrate GladePay’s checkout API to your website and enable your customers to enjoy fast and secure checkout options and the ease that comes with USSD. Sign up today at