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Our focus at GladePay is to provide secure and convenient transactions between businesses and customers across Africa. To enable customers to make payments to businesses from anywhere, anyway and anyhow they choose.

Now we are introducing paying by bank transfer.

As GladePay merchant, you can now accept payments from your customers through bank transfer via the checkout.   

We are aware that some of your customers are not comfortable inputting their card details when making a payment, they prefer using bank transfer to make payment to you, now we have made it better for you and your customers.

You can now accept payment via GladePay Checkout by bank transfer directly and receive the payment instantly.

  • Mobile, through mobile banking
  • Online, through online banking
  • You receive the payment instantly.
  • You and your customer receive the payment notification from GladePay.
  • Have access to the payment details on your dashboard seamlessly.

Here’s a step by step guide with a bit more detail. 

  1. A customer makes a purchase on your platform, click pay and the checkout display.  

2. Customer select “Pay by Bank Transfer”

At the checkout page, customers choose bank transfer. This will bring up bank account details. Customers should take note of these — they will need them to pay with bank transfer through their mobile or online banking.

3. Enter the account details displayed on the Checkout to your mobile or internet banking to initiate payment.

Important: Your customer should make sure they input the exact amount they need to pay in their mobile or online banking.

4. You’re all done — payment will automatically be successful.

We’ll send you and your customers a payment confirmation email. Visit: for more details.