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Our partnership with Africa’s leading Airline

Over the years, we have made it our mission to inspire a new generation of African entrepreneurs with our financial products in a way that they can manage their business finances efficiently. We have worked tirelessly to build Africa’s banking infrastructure from the ground up. This is why we are happy to announce our partnership with Arik Air.

Arik air is the leading airline in West Africa. Arik air is a Nigerian-owned airline operating both local and international flights since 2006. Arik Air flies to various destinations across three continents; Africa, Europe, and the United States. And is still looking to expand its reach to other continents.

This partnership means;

1. You can reserve your next flight and pay with Glade.

2. With our various Glade checkout options, payments won’t be a hassle as you can pay through card, ussd, or bank transfer.

3. Arik Air would leverage Glade infrastructure to provide a seamless payment option for her customers.

Pay with Glade the next time you fly with Arik Air.

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