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Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram and then I spotted this killer outfit. The size seemed just perfect, the color nkor? everything was just on point. Na so I say make I order, I no come to see price. Usually, that would be a turn-off for me but I really liked the outfit and I decided to send a DM, before my people replied, it took almost the whole day (by then I had even forgotten what I sent the DM for)

I asked for the size 10 I wanted, another 10 minutes, I come ask for delivery, it was another 15 minutes to get replied. I was told the outfit will be delivered via a motor park. Did I add the person was rude also?

My mind was just hell-bent on getting that outfit so I proceeded to ask for account details, that one came really quickly, after I paid and sent proof of transfer. I was told that the owner wasn’t reachable but when she confirms the payment, my outfit will be delivered via a bus driver whose number will be sent to me to call. Another one!
Outfit landed finally the next day after so much drama.
My point is the outfit didn’t arrive when I wanted it sef, it took so much effort to get one outfit.

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No hassle, no drama, no too much talk. 
Of course, you can still do your normal social media selling o. But don’t forget to add your shop link to your bio and also share it to your customers and potential customers. 

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