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Hmm! So I have a regular customer that comes to buy fabrics

She’s never coming with cash and is always for my account number to send the money

Every time she delays before sending my money “Ah, my customer, sorry I could not send your money o. My mobile app is outdated. I could not go to the bank” Excuses upon excuses.

Today she came as usual

She bought and bought and bought. Adire, Hi-target, Hollandis etc

When she was done, she told me again that she is not with cash, she would make a transfer as soon as she gets home.

Hehehe, she did not know I was ready this time. Over the week, I had learnt of GladePay’s Payme Link. A link easily generated that I can share to my customers which automatically redirects them to where they could make payments. “Customer, don’t worry about an account number, let me send you my Payme Link.

I sent it to her and she made payment choosing a convenient payment method from the options GladePay provide. In less than a minutes, Transaction successful!

Sign up to GladePay to enjoy GladePay’s Payme Link services, a convenient and secure way of receiving payments from your customers in just few minutes. Remember, ‘No credit today!’