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Multiple Languages on GladePay Checkout…

August was an awesome month, with wonderful innovations to keep our merchants happy, so we decided to play around with the Checkout by allowing multiple languages.

Wow, right? how do you feel to enable your customers to make payments in a preferred language, awesome!!

When your customers want to make a transaction they don’t have to select the same language, it keeps the initial language they selected as the customer’s default language.

hmmm, great!

So when next your customers want to make transactions on GladePay checkout they can now view it in their preferred language.

languages supported are English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin, Swahili and French.

Now your customers can proceed to make payments with the preferred languages of their choice. with these new features, customers will have a readable and convenient transaction.


1.  Click on the default language to view the checkout.

2.  Navigate below the checkout to find the multiple languages.

3. Click on any of the preferred language of your choice.

4. And Wow!!!, it changed instantly from English to the new preferred language on GladePay checkout.

5. Select the method you want to use to make payments, Using Card, USSD, Phone number, QR pay, bank transfer or Mobile money, and proceed with the transactions.

At GladePay, we ensure our merchants have awesome experiences to keep their customers delighted Always.