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It’s a New Month! I’m sure you are as excited as I am. We have gotten to the second half of 2019. How time flies! GladePay wishes you a beautiful month. May June come with better opportunities for you and your business.

We cannot begin the month without giving you a summary of all the amazing services GladePay brought to you in May. Let’s take a walk shall we?


New and amazing features were added to the dashboard.

A new addition to the GladePay dashboard is the ‘Airtime and Bills Payment section. Now you can see and monitor all your transactions that involve airtime and bills payments.

Another wonder feature added to the dashboard is ‘Loan’. This is mostly for merchants making use of the financial services API. You can now monitor the requests of loan from your GladePay’s dashboard and from there, you can choose either to approve or decline.


 A whole lot of updates has been made on GladePay’s Quickcommerce and guess what? An exciting feature has been added just for you. Yes. GladePay has you in mind.

A new interface has been designed for your QuickCommerce store and it is absolutely easier and faster for people to navigate.

 GladePay did not just stop there. We are happy to announce to you that the shooing/delivery feature has been added to GladePay QuickCommerce. Now your customers can make payments for delivery on the product purchased during checkout. The shipping feature can be personalized by you based on location. Also your customers can choose between picking the goods bought from your physical shop or have you deliver it to the location of their choice.

I know, I know. What can be more amazing than this right? We are here to make sure everything concerning your business and payment is taken care of.


A business accelerator is a program that gives developing and startup companies access to mentor-ship and investors. The GladePay team attended a very interesting an enlightening event with the Baobab Network team and a lot was learnt and fresh ideas to build our capacity to serve you better.

You might be thinking about what can be better all these features and updates, trust GladePay to blow your mind this new month. Wait for it. Don’t forget to stay tuned to GladePay’s blog for news on the latest updates.