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Hello people!
We know you have been waiting to hear about the July update ?, while June update promises to bring to you more exciting services for your business. We introduced one our much-awaited payment method, payment via bank transfer ? .

Bank transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. We are aware that some of your customers are not comfortable inputting their card details when making a payment, they prefer using bank transfer to make payment to you, now we have made it better for you and your customers.

Paying by Bank Transfer

You can now accept payment via GladePay Checkout by bank transfer directly and receive the payment instantly.
– Mobile, through mobile banking.
– Online, through online banking.
– You receive the payment instantly.
– You and your customer receive the payment notification from GladePay.
– Have access to the payment details on your dashboard seamlessly.

You can implement the Pay by Bank transfer as suitable for your business.


You can choose to generate a one-time account number for each transaction, your customers will be presented with this account number and will be required to initiate a transfer to this account number from the customer’s prefer bank mobile app or internet banking platform to complete the payment.

The account number will be tied to the particular payment details and will be discarded once the payment is completed. For example, on a website/mobile app, a unique account will be generated for each unique order and once the customer processes a transfer to this account number, a notification is sent to the website/mobile app and the customer’s order on the platform is automatically updated to be paid.


Another approach is to generate a personalized account number and dedicate it to a particular customer/user. Whenever the customer/user wants to make a payment to you, the customer/user is required to initiate a transfer from their bank mobile app/internet banking platform to the personalizes account number to make payment to you.

All transfer to the personalized account number is associated with that customer/user. You can generate a unique account number for each of your customers/users seamless from your platform.


If your business has payment (teller) points i.e (supermarkets or filling stations) you can generate Paypoint accounts and assign them to each teller. Whenever a customer is to make a payment, they can simply do a transfer to the Paypoint account displayed at the teller point, you will immediately receive a payment notification on the GladePay App or Web Portal and including an email. All payments will be identified by the teller point where the payment was made.

Benefits of Bank Transfers to merchants and customers are;
– Transactions are safe and secure.
–  Transactions are not subject to chargebacks.
– Payments are fully electronic.
– This payment method is customer-friendly.
– This payment method is increasingly popular with customers worldwide.

You can read more about how the bank payment works here

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