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Introducing Business Registration for Small Businesses

If you have tried to register your business with the corporate affairs commissions (CAC), or have friends that have registered their businesses in the past, you would understand how tedious and painstaking the entire process can be.

But away from all of that, here’s the good news; because Glade is all about providing the best user experience and serving the customer’s needs, we are introducing a business registration feature that takes away the stress and reduces the expenses business owners would have had to contend with during the process of business registration.

Business owners can now channel their energy and resources into growing their business and reaching profitability, while we register their business on their behalf and deliver their documents to their doorstep.  

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How to Access the Business Registration Feature (step by step)

Step 1. Login to your Glade account: The first step is to log in to your Glade account from the Glade mobile app or web platform. If you don’t have a business bank account with Glade yet, visit to open one immediately.

Step 2. Upgrade Account: Once you’ve successfully logged in, from your dashboard, click on the ‘Upgrade Account’ option.

Step 3. CAC Documents: After selecting the ‘upgrade account’ option, you will then be taken to the ‘CAC Documents Pricing’ page where you either select the ‘Register Business Name’ or ‘Register a Company’ option.  Fill the form and hit ‘Submit’ once you’re done. 

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Key Information you need to provide

  • 3 proposed Business Name
  • Soft copy of a valid means of identity ( National Identity Card, Drivers Licence, Voters Identity Card, International passport)
  • Director’s Name and Details.
  • Business address 
  • Business email address