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How to transition your business online using Glade QuickCommerce in few minutes.😎

Glade QuickCommerce is a FREE online store for small businesses. 

“We didn’t want to sit around while many of our favorite restaurants, cafes, fashion wears, supermarket, electronics, and other small businesses struggle, so we’re helping these businesses continue to trade by accepting orders and deliveries online through our FREE e-commerce platform.

As this is an unprecedented situation, we have decided to offer this service for FREE to help as many businesses as we can. Anyone can sign up and once approved, you now have an e-commerce platform to trade online. No monthly fees and no hosting charges.”

Think of it this way, you sell products and customers have to walk into your shop before they can purchase, but that is not possible now or is been limited due to the restriction of movement.  

You can now set up an online store and list your products A, B, C, input the prices and quantities where your customers can open the link and see the products, the prices, and then select and pay for what they want, including delivery address and fees.

* First, you create the online store in minutes (the link will be something like http://your business sample(

* Next, you upload the product details, prices, and set delivery location and fees. 

*Finally, you sell. You can start sharing the link with potential customers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. They’ll click on your link, see what you’re selling, and pay for what they want and get delivery. 

Here is a guide to set up a FREE online store (GladeQuickCommerce):