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How to receive payments with GladePay Invoice.

Gladepay's Invoicing

Invoices play an important and inherent role in any (small, medium and large scale) business, be it manufacturing or services. Invoice processing is a huge task, especially manual invoicing. We tend to spend time in acquiring resources and managing logistics to have invoices completed. This in-turn causes delay(s) in the invoice process and prone to errors which hinders cash flow visibility.

What is GladePay Invoice?

gladepay invoice page
A view to the GladePay invoice page

GladePay Invoice system enables merchants to communicate electronically with their clients or customers and receive an invoice of their payment via email. Using GladePay Invoice, you can generate and send your e-invoices quickly and easily via your Dashboard. Customers will be able to pay directly using their credit cards/Bank Accounts/QR Pay/USSD/Mobile Money

Why GladePay Invoice?

1. Simple & Ideal: GladePay Invoicing is simple to operate and is Ideal for any type and size of businesses.
2. Instant Information
: Your clients or customer receives an email instantly and they can access the invoice at anytime from anywhere in the world.
3. Free: GladePay Invoice is free. There are no fees/charges for set up nor for sending out invoices. There is no monthly or fixed charge.
4. Easier Audit & Tracking: With GladePay invoice, all invoices are available at all time, making tracking, auditing and referencing easier.
5. Increase Efficiency: With our bulk Invoice feature, less time is spent on data entry, cross-referencing, this increases the efficiency of the businesses.
6. Automated Reminders: Clients or customers get a payment reminder on the due date if payment has not yet been made and receives two more notification emails after the due date.
7. Instant Payments: Receive payments and notifications when your customer or clients make payments. No Hassle involved.

How to create and send an Invoice with GladePay.

1. Log In or Sign Up:
GladePay signup page

Visit GladePay to log in or create a new account. Invoices can be sent using either individual or business accounts.

2. Open Invoice Page:
link to Gladepay's invoice page
GladePay Invoice Link

Find and click on Invoicing link on the left sidebar that is located on the Seller’s tool section to open the Invoicing interface/page to you.

3. Create a New Invoice:
Gladepay's create an invoice button
GladePay’s create an invoice button

Click Create an Invoice to open a blank invoice page for you.

4. Fill in Invoice Information
Gladepay's create invoice form
GladePay’s create an invoice form

By default, your business name and the logo will appear on the right (preview) section of the page and you see how your invoice will look to the customer before sending it.

Fill in the  Invoice number (if you want your own unique custom invoice number), VAT and due date. This information makes it much easier to keep track of multiple invoices.

– Fill in the email address of the invoice recipient (Maximum of 1 email address is allowed).
– Enter the phone number of the invoice recipient (Maximum of 1 phone number allowed).
– Also, fill in information about the due date and taxes.
– Add details about each (invoice) item or service being invoiced along with the unit price. This is a good way to itemize an invoice for multiple products and services

* Subtotal and the Total will be automatically generated from the itemized list.

You can use the text field provided for a personal note to customers or about the terms and conditions.

Gladepay's create an invoice form filled.
GladePay’s create an invoice form filled.

Once the invoice is complete, click Send Invoice. A copy of the invoice will be sent to the customer. You can also view the invoice, along with payment status, in the invoicing page.

How to create and send bulk invoices.

GladePay supports creating and sending of invoices in bulk. To send bulk invoices to your clients or customers, please follow the below steps.

Gladepay's upload bulk invoice button
GladePay’s upload bulk invoice button
1. Follow the above steps to step 2.
2. Click on Bulk Upload.

Click Upload Bulk Invoice to open a popup containing the instructions and the format the system currently supported.

Gladepay's upload bulk invoice instructions.
GladePay’s upload bulk invoice instructions.

* Note that you can only upload a .xlsx or .csv file and it only supports an item per invoice.

Choose your file.

Choose the file containing your client or merchant’s information and invoice details as shown below (in this case sample.xlsx).

Gladepay's sample invoice file.
GladePay’s sample invoice file.
3. Send Invoice.

Click on the Upload Invoice to send an invoice file.

Gladepay's upload invoice button
Gladepay’s upload invoice button

A copy of the invoice will be sent to each customer. You can also view the invoice, along with payment status, on the invoicing page. 

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