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How to Create Payment Links on Glade

Create payment links

“Send me your account details for payment”. If you own an online store (an Instagram store, maybe) and sell to customers outside of your location, you must have heard this a million times from prospects and customers. And even after the transaction is done, you’ll still have to go through the stress of requesting evidence of payment (debit alert screenshots) from the said prospect or customer. 

Well, we totally understand these challenges, hence we created the Payment link feature to provide online business owners like you with an easy way to collect payments from your customers, without hassle. This feature allows you to create a simple link to collect either one-time or recurring payments.

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How It Works

The payment link created can be shared with other people (customers) via Email, WhatsApp, direct social media messages, and via any other medium of your choice, for payment. Once your customer receives it, all he/she needs to do is click the link and begin the payment process. You, on the other hand, gets credited immediately into your Glade account.

How to Create Payment Links On Mobile

Step 1. If you don’t already have a Glade business bank account, all you need do is visit or download the Glade mobile app on Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2. From your dashboard, click on Seller’s tools and then select Payment Link below it.

Create Payment Links

Step 3. Next, fill out the form: Type in your preferred payment link name, add a description, upload a logo (optional), choose to make payment a recurring one or one time, make the amount fixed, and choose who bears the transaction charges (you or your customer).

Create Payment Links

Step 4. Once you’re done, click CREATE LINK

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How to Create Payment Links On Web (Desktop)

Step 1. From the Menu section at the left-hand side of your Dashboard, navigate to Seller’s tools.

Step 2. Click on Seller’s Tools and select Payment page from the drop-down.

Create Payment Links

Step 3. Select Create New Payment Page

Create Payment Links

Step 4. Fill out the form and click Create Link

Create Payment Links

Here is a comprehensive guide (Video) to creating Payment links for either one-time payments or recurring payments and how to share these links with customers, easily.