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How GladePay innovative payments solution can power your company’s turnover.

The success of a company depends on many nuances. Among other factors, one of the important aspects, that shouldn’t be underestimated, is the payment solution that is offered to the customers. Customers are expecting payments to be as seamless as possible. Businesses spend vast amounts of money to acquire customers and every customer is important. The way how customers can pay you has a major role in customers’ onboarding and conversion process as well as in longer customer journey defining whether the service or product will be purchased again in the future. Additionally, smart and smooth payment options are essential when expanding globally to global markets or while establishing up-to-date and automated business processes.

User-friendly payment solutions

Providing smooth and seamless payment options should be a part of every business. A smart way to do this is to use GladePay payments solution by automating the payments and even more, by integrating the payments into the service. Digital payments are the most universal and simple payment solution in the world. Payments for periodic services (such as Iroko TV) or payments integrated to apps (such as Taxify and Uber) are mainly based on digital payment automation.


Accept Local cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Verve) and International cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex)

Gladepay's Checkout Page
GladePay’s Checkout Page [Card Section]
Bank Account payments: Access Bank, GTBank, Zenith Bank and more coming soon.

Gladepay's Checkout page [Bank Section].
GladePay’s Checkout page [Bank Section].

USSD payments from GTBank, Zenith Bank and more coming soon.

Gladepay's Checkout Page [USSD Section]
GladePay’s Checkout Page [USSD Section]
Visa QR payments

Gladepay's Checkout page [QR Pay Section]
GladePay’s Checkout page [QR Pay Section]

My Paga, Mpesa and many more will be added soon.

Gladepay's Checkout Page [Mobile Money Section]
GladePay’s Checkout Page [Mobile Money Section]

Accept payment with GladePay’s PayMe Link.

PayMe Link is a useful tool for all types of businesses allowing you to accept payments without any need for IT development or even a website. Our platform allows you to create a payment link with predefined details and simply post it to your customers and get paid.

You can accept payment using the payment link and split the revenue with other vendors. Select the Split Payment option and add other accounts.

Also, accept payment using the quantity option for services or products that require a purchase in quantities (event ticket etc).

Gladepay's PayMe link Image
GladePay’s PayMe link

Accept payment with GladePay’s Invoicing.

GladePay’s invoicing is a simple tool for entrepreneurs to send professional invoices to their clients and get paid on time.

Gladepay's Create Invoice Page
GladePay’s Create Invoice Page

GladePay is suitable for businesses that:

  • Sell products/services;
  • Do one-click or recurring payments;
  • Want to automate the payments processes.
  • Need to accept payments both from private customers and businesses;
  • Want to have better control over your payments and business processes;
  • Need to accept payments both from customers in Nigeria and from other countries.

User-friendly payment solutions are very important for both new and returning customers. — GladePay is perfect for, offering modern payment services that are extremely important in today’s fast and growing information technology society.

Same Day or Next day settlement

One of the biggest advantages of is GladePay is a prompt settlement— money will be paid to the merchant the same day or merchant can opt for bank account next day settlement.

Same day settlement is available with a precondition.

Contact us at;

Simple Payment Integration.

Integration capabilities include custom solutions as well as iOS and Android SDKs.
Furthermore, it is compatible with the following free modules: WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress etc.

Create a free account to start accepting payment in minutes.


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