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Grow Your Business With Glade

Grow your business

It is absolutely normal for small businesses to run into fundamental challenges in the day-to-day running of business.

Challenges around the right banking services that support your business growth, opening a business current account without monthly or hidden fees, making local and international payment to your vendors without excessive charges, selling online and hearing “How much last” all the time, challenges with reaching a wider audience, getting the right POS terminal that lets you accept in-store payments effortlessly and other features that helps you manage your business and team effortlessly.

All of these can be overwhelming when you do not have the right tools in place to handle your business. But we are saying let Glade help you manage your business the right way.

Glade is a Fintech startup building banking for small businesses, aiming to become a go-to current account for small businesses in Africa. The Glade current account is designed to help small businesses scale. Each comes with a Virtual USD card, business management as well as team management. 

We provide a dashboard that helps business owners make efficient decisions in real-time. It features cashflow analytics, as well as transaction statements. Glade merchants can receive & send money, local and international payment, loan & overdraft, access POS terminal for in-store payment collections, employee payroll and lots more.

P.S: We are not your typical bank, we are your business growth partner. 

Open a FREE business account today, let’s help you grow. Visit or get the Glade mobile app to open a business account now!!