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GladePay journey began a couple of months ago with a passion to provide Payment Infrastructures that will enable seamless transactions between businesses and customers via API integration. Since then we have learned the difficulties small businesses go through accessing banking services with incumbent providers.

With this knowledge, we have put in a lot of work to build a digital banking platform that eliminates these difficulties in accessing financial services by Micro-SMEs.In today’s constantly changing world, it has become imperative that businesses evolve alongside digital solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. For GladePay, identifying what is the priority is paramount. This enables us to properly design our products and services to match this behaviour and offer an interactive user experience that meets and exceeds digital expectations.

GladePay is pleased to introduce a Digital Bank to meet the needs of Micro-SMEs. This is nothing short of exciting. It is banking made easy for small businesses to leverage this dynamic digital banking platform to grow their businesses. It is accessible any time and anywhere on the web and mobile app. Branchless banking is truly the future. This banking platform is GladePay’s latest end-to-end digital bank and payment solution designed to meet the changing market demands for small businesses.

The platform comes with features ranging from; 
a. Simple onboarding in less than 3 minutes.
b. Current Account – Create multiple business current bank accounts from different countries.
c. Deposit – Accept deposit into your account from any banking platform (web/ mobile banking)
d. Fund Transfer – Send money anywhere at a low rate.
e. Payments – Accept online and in-store payment from multiple payment methods.
f. Settlement – Receive instant settlement on your transactions
g. Credits – Access loan to grow your business with a low-interest rate.
h. Overdraft – Access funds to manage monthly expenses.
i. Staff Payroll – Employee’s payment and management.
j. Vendor Payment – Easily pay and manage your vendors.
k. Card – Create a Free physical & virtual card to manage your business expenses.
l. Bills Payment – Utility payment for your business.
m. Tax – Easily calculate and manage your tax payments.
n. Expenses – View and manage your expenses seamlessly.
o. Insight – In-depth analysis of your business and customers’ report.

Our vision is to build a modern bank that suits your lifestyle and business growth. Open a current account or download the mobile app for your business today and let GladePay take you on a new digital banking ride. 

GladePay – Beyond payments, more than a bank. (edited) (edited) 

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