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Glade New invoicing features to help you get paid faster

Glade Invoicing

Glade New invoicing features to help you get paid faster

Back in 2020, Glade added the invoicing feature to business bank accounts. As we interact with more users, it became clear that businesses required sophisticated invoicing functionality.

Most people underestimate how complex invoicing can be. Isn’t an invoice just a fancy PDF? Not quite. It turns out there are little details to get right beyond just emailing an invoice.

From ensuring the invoice gets to the right client, the currency you need to get paid (NGN/USD), the payment methods clients prefer, and keeping track of payment and due date.

As a result, we have updated the invoicing feature to help business owners run more efficiently and quickly scale. We aspire to provide the best invoicing for internet businesses of all sizes — from solo entrepreneurs to large organizations.

Why the updates?

Simply put, invoicing needed a facelift with a better user experience.

Invoice Updates:

  • Personalize your invoices by adding your logo to all invoices: Adding your brand’s logo helps to separate your invoice from the rest and look professional. More importantly, you’re 3x more likely to get paid if you add your company logo to your invoice.
  • You can now add new customers or choose from the existing customers.
  • Shipping fees can now be added to your invoices.
  • Customers can now pay with different payment channels, including bank transfers directly to your account.
  • Send an invoice and get paid in your preferred currency, (Naira or USD)
What’s next

We’re excited to invest in more invoicing features, so you can spend less time on accounts receivable and get paid even faster.

To sign up and learn more about Glade Invoicing, check out or create an invoice in the web dashboard or the mobile app

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