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Do More Pay Less With Glade

Take charge of April! 

Do more more with Glade; allow us help you pay your utilities, that new game console, that new make-up kit and even that dress you saw online; all at little charges.

It’s really irking to have overpriced bank charges when making bank transfers and carrying out transactions.

Imagine what it means if those charges could be slashed in less than half, that means more transfers for less charges. Right?

April just got better! Glade is helping you actualize your financial freedom this April. This is coming on the back of the company’s mission to help the underbanked population of Nigeria and Africa access cheap banking options. Great offer. Right?

Glade is helping you actualize your financial freedom so you can transfer more money to mom, dad, loved ones, wards, business clients and worry less about charges.

Well, it doesn’t get this better! Does it?

With Glade, you can do all these and more….paying less charges with a NGN10 flat rate for every transfer you do.

Do more, pay less with Glade.