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GladePay Dashboard Features.

We introduced GladePay digital bank for small businesses a few days ago. So, today we want to talk about how the features work on the web platform. If you’re exploring different financial tools and services for your business, you might find yourself with a lot of questions: What does this do? How is it different from other services?

If you’re asking these questions about GladePay Digital Bank for small businesses, here are some answers.

How is GladePay different from…?
We are modern, we are different: we don’t charge any fee to open a current account and manage all your banking from your computer or your phone, and everything we do is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We’re committed to making modern business banking easy (and even enjoyable) through thoughtful, efficient design.

We’re different from other financial services providers because we offer end-to-end digital banking and payment solution, bridging the third party gap. Your customers can send funds to your GladePay business current account from the internet or mobile banking app, you can receive instant settlements from the online and in-store payment we process to your account.

To Get Started…
1. Signup to open a FREE account. Here, you will need to provide us with information about yourself and the business (individual or registered). 

2. Login to the dashboard, to access business current accounts, payment and transaction details. 
a. Imagine opening multiple current accounts from different countries for your business, within just 3 minutes. 
b. No more stress and old legacy paperwork for your business. 

3. Payment Section — helps you to set up and manage:

  • Fund Transfer — make a single or bulk transfer (local or international) to any bank accounts and mobile money accounts at a low rate. 
  • Recurring, instalments and split payments for your customers.  

4. Business Management Section — We have made it simple to manage employee lists and payments with just a click

  • Staff payroll — Manage employee list and the amount of money they are to be paid (set up one-time or recurring payments) 
  • Set up and manage vendors list and payments.

5. Access and manage credits for your business — A lot of businesses do not grow or fold up within a few months or years of operation due to a lack of funds to run the business. 

We have set up a simple credit rating score system that helps your business have access to;

  • Low-interest rate loans and grow your business. 
  • Overdraft to manage quick expenses.  
  • Understand how much expenses you spend on your business. 

6. Business Tax Payment — A lot of business owners don’t understand how TAX payment or calculation work for their business. 

  • We have made business tax calculation and payment simple on the dashboard. (We are working to improve on this shortly) 

Please, read more here to understand the new TAX rule link 

7. Invoicing — No more the stress of paper invoice for your business. 

  • Create a FREE e-invoice (single or bulk) send to your client(s) and receive instant payment into your account. 

8. Card Services — Get a physical debit card and virtual card for business expenses. 

9. Utilities — Manage and pay business utility bills on the go. 

10. Insight Section — A lot of business owners don’t have access to their business data nor understand how it works.

  • We have simplified your business data and provides you with insight and complete information about your business and customer growth.
  • Manage and view transaction inflow, refunds, disputes, account statements, and reports.

Can GladePay current account help my business?

A business current account establishes your effort as a legitimate business, and it helps you easily separate your business and personal expenses (which is crucial for tax purposes and for applying for business credit).

Business accounts may also come with features for bank transfers, deposit, pay vendors, contractors, or employees. Many banks charge for these transfers; We offer them for free.

If you don’t have a business account yet, you can help create one quickly and easily — right from your computer or mobile app. If you already have a business account, but the fees are eating into your profit margins, we are free and better.

  • To accept seamless online payment via multiple payment methods from your customers anywhere in the world, integrate our simple Payment API to your platform (web and app)
  • Build amazing innovative products using our Open API 

Any questions we haven’t answered?

We want to hear from you. Questions, feedback, suggestions — whatever’s on your mind. Send us an email to