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5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have an Online Presence

Every business should have an online presence

Bola recently told us how his business has never been the same since he decided to take it online. His exact words were “Every business should have an online presence as it has helped mine meet a larger market and increased my sales.”

Like Bola, having an online presence can affect the overall growth of your business positively. And it starts with building a website, marketing it to consumers, and increasing your profits. 

This is the era of the internet and more people search online for the products and services they need than walking to a physical store.

Just as your business would have a physical storefront, your business should also have an online presence. An online presence is essential to stay relevant in today’s business environment.

The first place a consumer would go to when they hear about your product for the first time is the internet. They would pick up their phone or computer and search for your product. And If they are satisfied with the information they get, they would not hesitate to buy your product or service.

While a lot of businesses have taken advantage of this new revolution by setting up a website and making sales, a lot of small and medium business owners think running a website is not worth investing in

Listed below are the reasons why every business should have an online presence.


  1. Increases Marketing and sales

Most Business owners sit in their physical store daily and record poor sales whereas they make more sales online because individuals find their products on the internet and purchase items on their online store.

Having your business online is a great marketing tool. Every business should have an online store because it increases sales and improves business profit.


  1. Accessibility

Every business needs to be able to reach its customers in the most convenient way possible. This is why an online store doesn’t sleep. As a website, it is available 24/7. Your website has everything it needs to keep consumers updated with products and services. They do not have to miss out on a sale because your physical store is closed. They can simply order online, pay online, and have their products delivered to their doorstep.


  1. Global Audience

Having a website on the internet means opening your reach to a wider audience. With millions of people searching for something online, your online store can be found by users around the globe, introducing you to a global audience and more interactions with the international market.

This can only happen when you build an online store.


  1. Brand Loyalty

Having an online store can build potential customers’ trust in your product or services. And can they trust your company if they can’t find you online or interact with you via social media? No.

To improve business integrity and identity, every business should have an online presence. This way, customers can interact with your business, give constructive feedback, ideas, and honest reviews about your products and services.


  1. Free Ecommerce website

From hiring a web designer to a web developer to hosting fees, building an e-commerce website can be expensive. 

Since the takeoff of Glade, more businesses have taken the opportunity to build an online store for free. Yes. Glade has an online store feature, where business owners can run their business online with a website of their own. Saving them the cost of hosting, developer, and designer fee.

With this website, not only can businesses display their products and services for sale, but they can receive payments from new customers in any part of the world.

This is the beauty of a business having an online presence. So the question is, would you grab this offer and save yourself the cost and stress it takes to build a website, or would you deny yourself the chance to have an online store? The choice is yours.

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Glade has given Africans a solution to scale up their business by building a free online store they can customize, and a platform to make sales and receive both local and international payments easily. It is time for every business to have an online presence.