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5 facts you didn’t know about Business Banking

Whether you’re like Kunle who just started his business, or like Amina who woke up to a workable business idea she is trying so hard to develop, or Bisi who simply wanted to trade for an extra source of income then you need to bank with a business bank or familiarize yourself with what business banking truly entails.

There is more to business banking that you aren’t aware of. It is more than a paper-filling bank, or a collateral-sucking loan bank, or even a traditional bank. These 5 facts would expand your knowledge about business banking and its importance to you as an individual or a business owner.

5 facts you didn't know about business banking

Glade Business banking was created to ease banking for business owners

Glade Business Banking was innovated to be a solution to the problem most businesses faced. It was created with business owners and startups in mind. To ease financial management for their businesses. It is with no doubt that online banking is the heart of most financial operations, which is why you must choose a business bank whose services would improve your financial operations mostly online.

Glade Business banking has no monthly maintenance fee

Choosing the right business bank means choosing one that offers no monthly maintenance fee or hidden charges. Banks offer monthly maintenance fees and other charges, as your business grows and flourishes, you’re bound to pay a more monthly maintenance fee, management and transactions fee which is burdensome. But Glade’s offers business banking experience with zero fee.

Glade Business banking has effective analytical tools for transactions

This is a goldmine that most businesses are sleeping on. Every business owner should be able to track where, when, and how transactions come into the business. Glade Business banking offers a great analytical tool to track payments and transactions, and it gives access to business insights, analytics to track business growth and customer responses.

Glade offers seamless financing to small businesses.

The stories of striving businesses who had the potential to be something big but folded due to lack of funds to push it further and a lack of collateral in acquiring loans would forever be heartbreaking to hear. This is because in the past it was difficult to secure a business loan. Often you’d have to carry a plot of land on your head to request a loan and it still wasn’t a guarantee that the loan would be granted.

But with Glade business banking all you have to do is open a business account from the comfort of your home, perform transactions, request for a business loan and Viola! You’d get a loan for your business. Seamless right?

Business banking with Glade gives a business high financial performance

What makes the difference is Glade offers banking services tailored for the growth of small businesses; retailers, restaurants, logistic companies, wholesaler, freelancer, startup, etc 

Glade business banking can scale your financial performance with its wide range of services from free bank charge, payments, loans and insights. These services would increase your performance which in turn would determine the success of your business.

Make a wise decision: spend more time running your business and less time running your bank account.

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