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10 Businesses you can do in Nigeria with little or no Capital.

It is no big news that we have a lot of graduates in Nigeria still job hunting. Is this you? Or you just hate the idea of working 9-5 in an office? Maybe you are looking to start a side-hustle because your take-home pay is not really taking you home and you need more than one source of income to survive. Perhaps you’re tired of submitting your resume, hoping to get a call?

There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to start a business, but if you don’t know the kind of profitable business to delve into, we’re here to help you with some!

We have compiled a list of 10 businesses you can do in Nigeria with little or no capital, read on; 

1. Drop-Shipping

If you don’t know what dropshipping is all about, Drop Shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer (you) does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers it’s customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler who then ships the goods directly to the customer. 

The cool thing about Drop Shipping is that you can do this business from anywhere in the world, all you need is a mobile device or computer that allows you to connect to the internet, a social media account where you can do your advertising to market these products.

The rest of the work is left for the manufacturer, wholesaler/retailer, and logistics company. A commission will be paid for every customer that purchases a product. 

2. Home Tutor

With the lockdown still in place in so many countries, although some companies have been able to start  business but it is not so for schools.

We still have schools on lockdown all over Nigeria and many schools have asked parents to ensure that learning continues at home. But the majority of these schools have not been to set up an online learning system to keep the lessons going which has given rise to a search for a home tutor.

If you know you are competent enough to take this job, then you are in luck, all you need is a working computer, internet connection, and whatever platform you would need to do your video conferencing.

3. Natural Hair Care Line/ Natural Hair Care Vendor

We’ve seen an increase in communication around owning your natural hair since 2005. The communication has included harmful effects of chemicals like relaxer on natural hair, natural hair care routines as well as feeling beautiful in any hair type. 

There was a space to fill in the market because we did not really have the products we needed to follow this trend which gave rise to a lot of natural hair vendors here in Nigeria.

These days we have brands in Nigeria formulating their very own natural hair care line, I mean brands like Adan idet, Oma Natural Products, Natural Nigerian, etc Others like Eden Hair Products, Kinkyapothecary and Hair Essentials by ax are all vendors located in Abuja and Lagos.

You can become a vendor or distributor too in your state, there is a high demand for natural hair products in Nigeria and with little capital, you can become a solution provider in no time.

4. Delivery Company

These days, with the pandemic and lockdown, there has been an increase in the online purchase of goods and services across the globe. From research, it has been noted that currently, we have An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide who purchase goods online. With the demand for more delivery companies, this is the best time to come up with a plan on how you can play your part in the society and in turn make money out of it.

Okay don’t get cold feet about this one, you may be thinking, how can I own a delivery business when I don’t have enough money at all! Now there’s no doubt that you need a good amount of capital to start this kind of business but let me give you three way you can directly or indirectly become a delivery company in your state;

  1. You could be a middle man to the seller and the logistics company: This means that you do the pickup service and relieve the seller from going to the logistics company for interstate delivery.
  2. You can be a dispatch rider and help deliver goods to customers in that environment for intrastate delivery.
  3. You can be the logistics company to help deliver goods from one state to another.

Whatever suits your budget is fine.

5. Mobile Food Vendor

As a mobile food vendor, you can sell, snacks, and drinks on the move, you don’t need to rent a store or any of those, and the difference is that it is not a sit and eat kind of service, the kiosk can only allow for taking away services.

To become successful in this business, you have to find your own brand and become the top expert. Make research to find out what is already covered in your area and then come up with your own creation.

6.  Custom Clothing

These days we have a lot of people wanting to make a statement, it could be their hairdo, the kind of clothes or shoes they wear, these days, even the “Say No to Rape” movement, the “Black lives Matter” movement, etc going on, you find that people want this inscribed on their shirts, their handbags, their earrings.

For others, they want to be their own brand, so they fancy wearing their brand name inscribed on it just for a little brand awareness.

If you get very creative, you could get a lot of customers on your DM needing your services. 

7. Professional Photographer

A lot of people are getting more and creative with photography, there are different sides to photography, 

  1. Stock photography: You can delve into stock photography for there’s a huge business opportunity for photographers willing to fill the supply gap in Africa because Africans are underrepresented in the stock photography library.
  2. Wedding Photography: Ever heard of couples canceling weddings because of the unavailability of a particular wedding photographer? Well, you can be the photographer they are all clamoring to hire.
  3. Portrait photography: You already know that you can make money from photography by taking pictures of people, but if you find a niche and provide sharp well-exposed and composed images, then there’s good money to be made.

Your signature style will stand you out from the crowd.

8. Become a YouTuber

These days we have a lot of people searching for different kinds of content on Youtube, if you love the camera and you have what it takes, you can become a YouTuber and educate people on a particular topic.

It is very important you choose your niche, do you love to cook? You could do videos teaching people how to cook all the different types of food we have in Nigeria, or you love makeup and you can do makeup like a pro, you can do makeup tutorials, or you love to travel a lot, you can do videos covering every place you visit, or you love fashion, you can do videos on what to wear on which occasion. 

You would be surprised how much value you would be providing for a lot of people.

9. Car Wash

If you know how to wash a car real good until you can see your face on it, you can start a small car wash business. You may go thinking ‘oh how will I be able to set up a cash washstand!’ 

Well, you can create an account on Social Media and do some advertising, You can start a mobile car wash business where you go meet your client anywhere they are located, wash their car(s) and get paid instantly for doing a good. Make sure to add that you offer premium services. 

Make sure your branding game is 10/10.

10. Fashion Designing 

Yes, there are a lot of fashion designers in Nigeria, but the fashion industry is one that cannot become overpopulated because people have unique needs, styles and will always need clothes.

If you are a fashionable person and you have a style that makes you stand out, learn how-to, it is this uniqueness that will make you different from every other fashion designer,

You could end up becoming a celebrity Fashion designer.

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